A Brief History of Lighthouses

Shores of Chaos: Shipwrecked came about from my love of lighthouses and all things related to the seashore. I went to my first lighthouse when I was about eleven and have been enchanted by their architectural design and their purpose for existence ever since. I chose to set my story in the 1890s as this… Continue reading A Brief History of Lighthouses

History of Halloween Symbols

Here’s a fun little post to give you some background on popular Halloween symbols. Jack O’Lanterns Jack o’lanterns started as a tradition in the British Isles. They are associated with will-o’-the-wisps, strange lights that, although caused by natural phenomena, were thought to lead travelers astray and into dangerous places. There is also a folktale of… Continue reading History of Halloween Symbols

The Queen has Arrived.

My most recent adventure into historical costuming is a 14th century gown fit for a queen. I’ve been wanting to make this costume for awhile and I finally found the right material for it (or more like my dad found it at the store)! You may remember this sketch from my previous post, “Historical Costuming:… Continue reading The Queen has Arrived.


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Hi, I’m Genavieve. I am an aspiring author with a vivid imagination and a passion for seeing my ideas become reality. One of the genres I will be writing in is historical fiction as I am an avid lover of history. Another genre I will be writing in is horror fiction as I am fascinated by the supernatural and the macabre.

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