Hello all! My name is Genavieve Blackwood and I am an author of historical fiction and horror/supernatural fiction. Sometimes I combine the two. Feel free to explore my site!


Shores of Chaos: Shipwrecked

On the coast of Maine in 1898, Edward Ashman is serving as the head keeper of the Wawenock Point Lighthouse when his daughters discover a dead body on the shore. It soon becomes evident that the man is connected to a crime ring whose game is insurance fraud…

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A Good Ole Time: Seaside Amusements and Boardwalks

I’ll admit when writing Shores of Chaos: Shipwrecked, I was driven by nostalgia for my love of all things related to the seashore. Two of those things are the boardwalk and seaside amusement parks. I personally have always loved walking up and down the boardwalks, looking for cool things to buy or fun games to…