Published Novels

Shores of Chaos: Shipwrecked

On the coast of Maine in 1898, Edward Ashman is serving as the head keeper of the Wawenock Point Lighthouse when his daughters discover a dead body on the shore. It soon becomes evident that the man is connected to a crime ring whose game is insurance fraud. Edward and his family are unwittingly caught up in the criminal activity when a ship is destroyed one night. But criminals aren’t the only ones lurking the shores of Wawenock Point. A mysterious woman appears bringing forebodings and warnings of danger with her. The Ashmans soon find themselves up against murderers, spirits, and an ancient curse.

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Wanderer Among Shadows

Based on a true story:

“Dark memories–for the past ten years they have haunted Sarah Parker. It all started in 1692.

The year starts normally enough, with Sarah and her family going about their usual activities in their town of Andover, Massachusetts. She thinks her biggest concern that year will be finding a husband, but then witchcraft accusations from nearby Salem Village make their way to Andover. The town is thrown into chaos and the Parkers’ world is turned upside down when the family matriarch, Mary, is accused of witchcraft. The crisis takes a toll on Sarah and she finds that sometimes the hardest thing to survive is your own mind.”

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