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The Best and Hardest Things about Writing

Here’s a quick little list of what I like best about writing and some things I find hard about it. I’ll be taking Labor Day off, so see you in two weeks!  

  1. Hardest– Writer’s block

Any writer will agree that getting stuck during the writing process sucks. You’re on a roll, the ideas are flowing out of you, and… then you hit a snag. You might know where you want the story to go next, but you’re just not sure how to get there.

2. Best– The research

So some people may find research boring, but I like it because I get to find out a lot of interesting information. It can also give you new ideas for plot points for your story.

3. Hardest– Trying to fill in gaps in the research.

Research also has its downside though. Sometimes you can’t find the information you want even after going crazy digging through all the documents you can find. This means you have to fill in the gaps yourself and try to figure out what actually happened. While this can be good for creativity, it can be frustrating as well.

4. Best– Getting to explore another world.

We can only do so much in the world we live in, but in your writing anything is possible. You can travel to faraway places, even galaxies light years away. Magic can become real, mythical beasts can walk the earth, you can live in the future or the past… the possibilities are limitless.

5. Hardest– Trying not to unintentionally copy another writer’s work.

You suddenly get a great idea in your head for a part of your plot. You’re about to put it down in words- but wait- this sounds familiar. This is definitely from So and So’s book; so much for that idea. But just remember, there are an awful lot of books out there so yours will most likely be similar to someone else’s regardless of how original you try to make it.

6. Best– Living vicariously through your characters.

There are a lot of things you can’t do in everyday life, so writing allows you to do all sorts of crazy things through your characters that you wouldn’t even dream of actually doing. When your character is doing something amazing, you get to experience their excitement. Writing also allows you to get into the headspace of someone who is in a bad situation that you yourself have never experienced before, allowing you to empathize more with others in real life.

7. Hardest– Reviewing and editing your work.

Reading over your work for the first time once you have it all finished can be a treat, but anymore than that is when it can become tedious. Not only can it take awhile to read your story if it’s long, but you also start to second guess yourself. You begin to question certain passages and the way you phrase sentences, but you have to stand by the work you have produced.

8. Best– Seeing your ideas come to life.

Hands down the best thing about writing is seeing the thoughts in your head turn into vivid characters and exciting plots on the page.  It’s almost like being able to do magic and it’s a talent not everyone has.

9. Hardest– Getting other people interested in your work, especially publishers.

Once you have all those awesome ideas down in a manuscript, you’re ready to share it with the world.  You get excited just thinking about people reading your book. But what happens when the interest just doesn’t seem to be there? Or even worse, when none of the publishers you’ve submitted your work to are responding? It can be disheartening, but you have to keep on trying.

10. Best– A sense of accomplishment.

There’s nothing better than getting to sit back after finishing your writing and admiring all the hard work you’ve done. You get to be proud of yourself and all the time you’ve spent on your manuscript just so you can share your creativity with others.

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