Welcome to My Website!

I’m happy to have you visit! When you read my “About Me” page, you will notice that it says “aspiring author.” That means I have no books published yet, but that will hopefully change within the coming year. So for now you will find no completed books available for sale on this site. However, you may just get a preview of my novels prior to their release so be sure to keep an eye out. Also see the link below or on my homepage to signup for my e-mail newsletters. I’ll inform you of new releases, blog posts, and maybe a special offer or two.

While you’re waiting for my book releases, I will (or at least try to) blog regularly. I will be talking about writing, books, research, inspiration, and things that are of general interest. I also plan on having a few guest writers. Because I mainly write in the genres of historical fiction and horror/supernatural fiction, you can expect there to be a few posts about these categories. I might even have some “just for fun” posts. So check out the site and enjoy! 

Newsletter sign-up: Genavieve Blackwood Books Newsletter

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